INCODEL is a vertically integrated supplier of components and supply chain services to the global automotive industry. INCODEL is also a Tier-One supplier of powertrain products to OEMs and other suppliers with advanced engineering and research & development. We further perform Tier-Two-n supplier development and management. Because of our high-quality and professional service, INCODEL has become a long-term partner of choice to many large multinational companies.

Engine/Casting Parts International Marketing Research Analyst

Job duties:

  • Conduct market trend research and analysis for INCODEL international markets in relation to engine/casting parts and related components;
  • Perform global market analysis for engine/casting parts and related components based on geographic locations and product demographics;
  • Conduct global analysis of INCODEL's shares in the engine/casting parts markets;
  • Analyze marketplace relative to competitors including pricing, sales, and marketing positions;
  • Analyze global customer prospecting and effectively target through advertising and marketing strategies, and research advertising and marketing trends of INCODEL's competitors;
  • Monitor and report pricing impacts based on latest Metal Market Index and inform the upper management of INCODEL of such impacts;
  • Forecast future global trends of the engine/casting parts  and related components industry and analyze how the trend will impact sales;
  • Identify factors affecting automotive customer product demand and material planning; and
  • Keep management informed of the marketing research results in a timely manner so that INCODEL can adjust its business strategies and maintain a competitive edge in cylinder liners industry.


Job Requirements:


Must have Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Marketing.  Must have two years experience in the job offered.



Send resumes to INCODEL, LLC - 27501 Hildebrandt Rd, Suite 100, Romulus, MI 48174.  NO CALLS PLEASE.