INCODEL is a vertically integrated supplier of components and supply chain services to the global automotive industry. INCODEL is also a Tier-One supplier of powertrain products to OEMs and other suppliers with advanced engineering and research & development. We further perform Tier-Two-n supplier development and management. Because of our high-quality and professional service, INCODEL has become a long-term partner of choice to many large multinational companies.

Local Facilities

With multiple locations in the Metro-Detroit area, INCODEL owns and manages its own real estate assets.  We currently have under ownership:

  • over 320,000 sqft of warehouse
  • over 45,000 sqft of office space
  • Research & Development Technical Center
  • yardage for storage of over 1200 TEU ocean-shipping containers/trailers
  • 27 acres of land

These facilities are designed and managed to provide streamlined and efficient transportation services.  Coupled with our state-of-the-art R&D center, these facilities set a new benchmark of excellence for an integrated, global supplier of automotive components.

View more images of our facilities here: