INCODEL is a vertically integrated supplier of components and supply chain services to the global automotive industry. INCODEL is also a Tier-One supplier of powertrain products to OEMs and other suppliers with advanced engineering and research & development. We further perform Tier-Two-n supplier development and management. Because of our high-quality and professional service, INCODEL has become a long-term partner of choice to many large multinational companies.


INCODEL Global Logistics is a trusted partner throughout the value chain of high-volume, worldwide programs.  With a focus on the automotive markets of North America and Western Europe, INCODEL leverages its supply chain management experience and extensive network of contacts to serve automotive manufacturers, their suppliers, and trans-continental ocean shipping companies, especially supply chains with manufacturing originating in China. 

We offer a wide range of customized transportation, logistics and supply chain management solutions.  As a total transportation management solution for OEM and Tier 1-n businesses, INCODEL relies on our years of experience in all modes of transportation, including truck, ocean, rail and air.  Our flexibility, experience and up-to-date EDI combine to provide our teams and customer staff visibility while products move from origin to destination.

In addition, INCODEL offers the latest technology and best practices to optimize warehousing and distribution systems, giving customers transparency, flexibility, and control.  Our warehousing and distribution systems are designed to keep costs low, ensuring a competitive solution.  All of our docking, consolidation, and storage operations ensure an efficient and reliable stream of parts into production facilities throughout the world.

Serving as a fully integrated Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) or fourth party logistics provider (4PL), INCODEL aims to be the provider of choice to the automotive industry.  Some of our logistics services include:

  • Customs Clearance
  • Intermodal Transportation
  • Distribution/JIT Delivery
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Consolidation/Deconsolidation
  • Cross-Docking