INCODEL is a global component integrator for multiple electrification and electrical applications. We provide responsible value chain management services and are committed to exceptional quality and sustainability. We strive to achieve excellence through a combination of experience, innovation and a diverse team of talented employees. As a partner with our customers, we provide continuous improvements to manage the complexity of assembling components and value chains. The partnerships we cultivate brings together expertise to provide cutting edge solutions and quality products. We minimize risk and create value.


INCODEL has integrated several functions to best serve its customers.  This includes engineering, research and development, value-added processesvalue chain management, program/project management, quality systems and supplier development and management.  Because of our high-quality professional services, INCODEL has become a long-term partner of choice to many multinational companies.

INCODEL believes our success can only be achieved if our customers succeed.  We are committed to reliability, professionalism and flexibility of service while still maintaining standardization to meet customer requirements. Every customer partnership is important to us. Our goal is to establish long-term and collaborative relationships so that we understand our customers’ needs and offer solutions.