INCODEL is a vertically integrated supplier of components and supply chain services to the global automotive industry. INCODEL is also a Tier-One supplier of powertrain products to OEMs and other suppliers with advanced engineering and research & development. We further perform Tier-Two-n supplier development and management. Because of our high-quality and professional service, INCODEL has become a long-term partner of choice to many large multinational companies.

Ocean Shipping

INCODEL's Ocean Shipping Partner is one of the world’s leading providers of integrated container shipping service.  Under an exclusive agreement, INCODEL has access to hundreds of ocean container shipping vessels with a capacity over 750,000 TEUs.  Our Partner connects more than 160 principal ports in over 49 countries and regions across the world, and operates over 80 international shipping routes.

Annually carrying over 8 million TEUs, INCODEL's partner ranks within the top-5 of ocean container shipping companies globally.   With access to a huge global service network, INCODEL can competitively arrange transpacific and transatlantic shipping to support high volume manufacturing within North America and around the globe.