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Lighting Engineer

INCODEL is seeking an expert in the field of electronics automotive lighting with many years of experience interacting with both large and small corporations to advise and assist with launching new lighting programs for electric vehicle

Roles & Responsibilities


  • Create PCB layouts to meet industry standards and requirements for new and existing lighting products
  • Analyze existing PCB layouts for cost efficiencies and generate bills of materials
  • Provide advice and support developing new or existing equipment to analyze and calibrate light intensities and color


  • Provide expertise in the general field of lighting and assist other internal departments in this area 
  • Evaluate the BOM and function of existing lighting components in order to find suitable suppliers worldwide 
  • Support meetings with engineering and purchasing between both suppliers and OEM 


  • Audit potential new lighting suppliers for quality and capability
  • Research and investigate issues with lighting component non-conformance
  • inspect current and future electronics instrumentation to ensure they meet industry standards 
  • Other duties as assigned 


  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering or related field
  • At least 3 years of automotive industry experience is strong preferred
  • Strong understanding of electronics vehicle lighting required